Vacuum Ultra Cleansing Blackhead Remover


Most of us clean our faces around once or twice a day, however, the traditional cleaning method by hands doesn't clean your skin thoroughly. This pore cleanser device can solve your skin problems and features multiple functions including pore cleaning, blackhead and oil absorption, etc. With the vacuum suction, it can eliminate the dirt from the skin surface, shrink the pore, make your skin smooth and soft. With 4 different probes, it can achieve different effects.

4 types of suction head:

  • Oval head – side nose and eye bag area
  • Small round head – forehead, cheeks and chin
  • Big round head – nose only
  • Rough head – scrap dead skin, T-zone, nose, neck
  • 3 levels of suction – Low, Mid, High
For best effect, place warm towel on face for 5 to 10 minutes to open up your pores before using the Vacuum Blackhead Cleansing Remover.
The cleanser comes with USB charging cable and full instruction manual.