USB Electric Heating Blanket / Shawl with 3 Temperature Settings


Feel snugly and warm when the temperatures start to drop and energy prices rise!

A versatile and effective USB heated shawl is a must buy product as we approach the cooler times of the year and move into the period where everyone will be experiencing high energy costs for some time to come. This product is a flexible and cost-effective means of keeping you warm wherever you are, inside or out!

The USB plug ensures you can plug it into your phone charger (in the house or car), laptop/Mac/PC or a power bank that you might possess for back-up power for your mobile phone. Using a power bank means you can wear the product practically anywhere. Think about that bus/train commute where you will be able to keep warm.

The heating shawl is made of coral fleece fabric, which is soft and comfortable, and has an excellent warmth retention effect. 

The internal heating element is made of high-grade carbon fiber, one-button operation, three levels of adjustable temperature (40°c, 50°c & 60°c) offering safe, fast heating.

Colour: Grey. Size: 150cm x 80cm Weight: 0.7kg.