Bluetooth Wireless BMI & Weighing Scales



You need the best scale to look after your health and stay fit!

Health does not just depend on your weight. It's time to get a healthier lifestyle!
It's time to pay more attention to your body fat, water and muscle mass, however, this information cannot be provided by a traditional weight scale. This product is the solution.
This scales utilizes bio-electrical (BIA) technology to accurately measure your Body Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Water %, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Basal Metabolism and Active Metabolism. With these characteristics, you can determine your overall health. It makes it easier for you to look after your health and stay fit. It's time for a smart way to keep fit! Don't hesitate to buy one!

Total body fat rate measurement:
*Skeletal Muscle Rate measurement
*Body mass index (BMI) measurement
*Muscle measurement
*Moisture measurement
*Subcutaneous fat measurement
*Visceral fat measurement
*Protein measurement
*Calorie measurement
*Bone mass measurement
*Body type measurement
*Normal weight measurement
*Weight without fat measurement
* Body weight measurement

The App to be installed is compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

To operate, install the batteries, download the App, pair the devices and away you go!